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Board Certified Master Arborist # WE-0206B

John Traverso grew up in Orinda and graduated from Campolindo High School.  He earned his Associate Arts Degree at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill.  He worked  as a nurseryman for six years at Orchard Nursery in Lafayette during high school and college. In 1979, with a friend and fellow nurseryman, they started ‘Spirited Landscaping’. In 1981 he left Spirited Landscaping to start his own company Traverso Landscaping. To supplement his winter income John diversified and started doing tree work along with his landscaping.  In 1986 he became a Certified Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture and found out he really enjoyed doing tree work. In 1989 he decided to concentrate exclusively on the tree service and phased out the landscaping portion. John has been very active in the industry as an instructor, regional coordinator for the arborist and tree worker exams, active on the certification committee, and past president for the California Arborist Association. In 2005 John passed an advanced arborist certification and is now a Board Certified Master Arborist with the ISA.  When asked what he likes best about his job he replied “Teaching, and the challenges of technical removals.”

ISA Certifed Arborist #WE-1244A

Scott Foster, our full time estimator and consultant, grew up locally, graduating from Acalanes High School in Lafayette. He earned his Associate Arts Degree at Diablo Valley College with an emphasis in Biology. He was raised in a family of 3 boys that spent a lot of time in the out of doors hunting and fishing. Scott determined early on that he did not want a desk job but preferred to work outdoors. In the late 80′s a friend of his, working for Traverso Tree Service, recommended he apply for a job. Scott started working for Traverso Tree Service in 1987 as a groundsmen. He promptly passed the WCISA Certified Tree Worker exam, and than became an ISA Certified Arborist in 1993. After working for Traverso for well over 20 years, and attending countless arboricultural seminars and conferences, as well as being an instructor for the California Arborist Association, he is very knowledgeable and well equipped to understand and recommend solutions to all of your tree needs. When asked what he likes best about his job he said “The fact that it is outdoors and provides different challenges everyday.” Scott continues to educate, and learn, on a daily basis as he meets with clients to assess the condition of their trees, and than provide an appropriate solution to their tree needs.



Steve-Sprinkman-Certified-Arborist1Steve Sprickman
ISA Certified Arborist Number #WE-1243A

Steve Sprickman, who is also a full time estimator, and production manager, grew up in Hayfork, located in Northern California.  He is one of four boys in a family that spent a lot of time enjoying outdoor activities.  Steve attended Chico State University studying Chemistry and Biology.  Due to a tough economy he returned home to work in the logging industry where he learned valuable skills working with large timber and equipment.  During the late 80′s the spotted owl became the rallying cry for the environmental movement and the start of the decline of the logging industry.  Steve realized his time as a logger was limited, so to increase his career options he moved to Pleasant Hill.  He answered an ad to work for Traverso Tree Service and started with the company in 1990.   Steve became highly skilled as a tree climber and quickly pased the Certified Tree Worker exam. In just 3 short years he advanced his career by passing the ISA Certified Arborist exam in 1993. Steve is also an educator and instructor for the California Arborist Association, and beyond training Traverso employees, he has educated & trained countless new climbers in the industry with safety, climbing, and rigging techniques. When asked what he likes best about his job he replied “I love Climbing trees”



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