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Is My Tree Dead or Alive?

I am constantly amazed at the number of clients who call up to ask for an appointment with a "certified arborist" specifically to determine if their tree is dead. These clients are different from the ones who call up with similar requests but they inform me that their...

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The “Ivy Tree”

"Can you help explain this bid I got last night?' This question came from a client who was unable to meet with our arborist and asked that we "just swing by and leave an estimate" for the tree work requested. Now he was calling with questions. Not that he couldn't...

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“The Drooping Apricot Tree”

The Drooping Apricot Tree “...oh, and I’d like him to look at my apricot tree, it seems to be drooping.” This was a comment from a client who was setting up an appointment to have one of our arborists to look at his trees. I have been setting up appointments like this...

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Help your trees Survive the Drought

The California Urban Forests Council just send out this great infographic on the best ways to help your trees survive the drought.  Check it out and let us know what you are doing to help your trees make it through this dry season.  Think your trees are beyond help?...

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Help Your Tree Survive Your Remodel

The advent of summer brings with it the thoughts of renewal and plans to re-landscape the yard. If you have mature trees in your yard here are a few tips to make sure they survive the proposed changes. One of the common mistakes people make about their tree is that...

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Pruning Young Trees in Lafayette

We all know that what we do today greatly affects tomorrow- and that is certainly true for urban trees.  A few of us here attended a workshop a couple of weeks ago and decided to pass the information onto the crew- and you:     A couple clips here in there...

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