We all know that what we do today greatly affects tomorrow- and that is certainly true for urban trees.  A few of us here attended a workshop a couple of weeks ago and decided to pass the information onto the crew- and you:


John-Small Steve-Small


A couple clips here in there on your young tree can save you a ton of trimming, and money later. While a tree is still young you can help it establish a central leader and maintain good branch spacing. This is especially helpful in street trees, or trees that will have need to be pruned for clearance later- which is most urban trees.



A young tree with co-dominant tops    
Co-dominat-limb-young-tree-300x300 Becomes: Co-Dominat-Branches-300x201

 In addition to ascetic, young trees can also be trimmed for potential hazards, such as co- dominant limbs. Co- dominant limbs are limbs that arise from the same spot on the trunk forming a V. As these branches increase in diameter they push against one another and eventually one or both will break. If you can prune this out while the tree, it’s a fairly minor wound and will have little effect on the healthy of the tree. Whereas if am urban tree is left unattended- you can end up with something like this:




A much harder problem to deal with. So next time you decide to plant, give us a call and we’ll give your tree a good start.

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