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A cable installed by the Traverso Tree crew in a coast live oak in Orinda, California.

Tree cabling and bracing is a proactive and preventative technique to support a tree with poor or weak structure. When used wisely, it may extend the life of a tree or make it safer.

Cabling is the installation of steel cables to provide supplemental support to weak branches or crotches.

Bracing is the installation of metal rods (through bolts) through weak portions of the tree for supplemental support. It is used to reduce the risk of two or more leaders spreading further apart or moving sideways. It may also be used to support attachments that are already split.

Our arborist can help you identify weak points and examine bark or large co-dominant stems, which can be signals of tree weakness that need tree cabling and bracing.

Cabling hardware should be inspected periodically by a professional arborist to make sure the cable has neither loosened or has tightened.

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