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John Traverso poses with a hefty pile of wood chips – about one load’s worth!

Why woodchips?

Covering the ground with wood chips not only creates a nice way to reduce mud and abate weeds in your yard, but also dramatically reduces water evaporation, thereby minimizing the need for watering. The wood chips also tend to absorb moisture from the air at night and release it back into the soil during the day when the plants need it. Needless to say, with our current drought situation, woodchips are in high demand right now.

How does it work?

  • We have a list of people who want woodchips, and when we are in your area AND have a full load of chips we can drop them off at no charge. Please fill out this form and we can get you on the list.

What do you get?

  • 1 load of chips is equal to 10-12 cubic yards of chips (that covers about 1000 sq. feet at 3-4 inches deep). We CANNOT deliver partial loads of chips but can deliver multiple loads if desired. Don’t know how much you need? Click HERE for a cubic yard calculator .
    • Chips consist of whatever we have thrown through the chipper that day – a mixture of both wood and leaves. Most likely it will consist of several different species of trees. You may ask to exclude specific species of trees but it will impact the time it takes to get chips.
    • Our woodchips come only from trees- you will NOT get ground up weeds.

How long will it take?

  • There are a lot of variables that come into play in delivery:
    • We need to be in your neighborhood
    • We need to have a full load of chips (we will NOT deliver a partial load)
      • Chips are very popular right now – the majority of our clients (or their neighbors) want to keep the woodchips generated on their site, thus leaving us nothing to deliver.
    • Given those factors it can take anywhere from 3-12 weeks to get woodchips – or longer.
      • We cannot give you a specific date when you will get chips.  There is no “top” or “bottom” of our list- when you get chips depends greatly on where we are working. Make sure you are within our service area before you submit your request.

Is Traverso Tree Service the only place to get free woodchips?

  • No! Every tree service needs to get rid of their chips or they have to pay to dump them. You can call virtually any tree service in the area and ask to get on their “list.”
  • There are also several “universal” chips lists online. These sites allow for you to get on a list that is visible to multiple tree services in the area (thus increasing your chances to get chips quickly). These sites are not affiliated with Traverso Tree Service (although we use them to find chip drop locations) and have their own definitions terms of service/ limitations/ disclaimers etc.

What information is needed to get on the list:

  • Your address (with the city)
  • The location you want the chips dropped (i.e. right side of the driveway or under the big tree in front)
    • With the exception of cul-de sac’s, we cannot drop chips on a street or sidewalk as that is a violation of most city codes.
    • Please check to make sure there are not overhead wires or lines that would get in the way of the dump bed being raised
    • We cannot drop the chips in more than one location – once the dump bed is raised there is no stopping the flow of chips.
    • Be specific.
      • In the driveway: Right or left side? Closer to the street or the garage?
      • Next to the driveway: Right or left side?
        • What will the chips land on: dirt? existing chips? RV parking place?
      • Your phone number (s)
        • We can TEXT YOU on the way to drop off the chips (about a 20 min warning).  If we do not make contact we will NOT drop off the chips.
        • The crew will not wait for you to call back; you miss the call you miss the load of chips: You can include as many phone numbers as you have.

Does this sound like what you are looking for? Fill out this form and we can get you on the list. 


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