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Urban Lumber and Milling Services

Welcome to the newest addition to Traverso Tree Service, Inc! We now offer urban lumber and milling services out of our headquarters in Martinez, California.

All our wood is sustainably sourced and salvaged from local tree removal projects. These are trees that have been damaged, died, fallen, become hazardous, or been removed due to their encroachment on property or other trees.

We offer slabs, dimensional lumber, and custom cuts to help you with your building projects and wood working needs. We also offer reduced price milling services to tree owners that have trees that need to be removed. Whether it is a much beloved specimen or a nuisance tree that becomes necessary to remove, don’t waste your wood: build a deck, a bench, a table or other creative memories out of your trees!

This is wood that you won’t find at the local lumber yard. We currently have a substantial supply of redwood, oak, cedar, and pine, and a limited supply of poplar, ash, elm, and acacia. We will offer other woods as they become available.

If turning is your thing: we also have plenty of hunks, chunks, and rounds available for use. Give us a call today.

Please note that we do not offer firewood.



Pictured below are slabs from oak and cedar that are currently available for purchase.


Dimensional Lumber

Need a special cut? No problem – we offer traditional dimensional sizing as well as custom beams for your unique project.


Custom Projects

Pictured below is a custom bench made from a cedar tree we had to remove for building expansion. It now has a new life and a new purpose!



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